A network of locals to help with culture shock

Whether you’re studying abroad or just moved to a different country, it can be difficult adjusting to the culture shock.

Not everyone speaks the same language or shares the same interests as you which makes it difficult to find friends.

Homeis is looking to solve that problem.

What do they do?

Founded in February 2017 by Ran Harnevo and Hanan Lashover, the company is on a mission to create communities of people who share the same homeland as you.

You download the mobile app for iOS or Android and you’re able to pick a major city where you reside. You’re then connected to a social network with everyone from your home country that also resides in that major city.

Each user is given a profile where you can organize all of your favorite things in the area. Everyone in your homeis community can see these favorites. You can also see when each user arrived to their current country.

Examples of categories include Food & Drinks, Family & Kids, and Health & Wellness.

Restaurants seem to be the focal point of the app. You can view each restaurant’s votes which are given by those within your community. Think of it as a mini-Yelp but for people from the same homeland as you.

Why does it matter?

As mentioned earlier, it can be really hard to deal with the culture shock from moving to a different country. Homeis makes it a lot easier knowing there are people from your homeland who you can connect with.

The app has a 4.3/5 star rating and was updated two days before this was posted.

This idea could be great not just for finding food places and events, but also for arranging local meetups and making friends from the same country as you.

Hell, you could go a step further and integrate a Tinder-like feature to find dates. Perhaps, that’d suck the fun out of the app and introduce other problems but it might be worth a shot.

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