Easily get a phone number for your business

OpenPhone, part of Y Combinator’s s2018 batch, has created a way for entrepreneurs and business owners to get access to their own dedicated phone number.

The startup has eliminated the need to give out your personal number for business purposes. With the OpenPhone subscription, you’re allowed unlimited text and picture messaging within the US and Canada.

You can also set up incoming calls to route to certain message playbacks. For instance, you can have callers press ‘1’ to receive a list of your business hours.

After the free 7-day trial, you pay $9.99 a month for unlimited calling and text. You also get 24/7 access to their customer support team via text, call and email.

Michael Seibel, CEO of Y Combinator, had these words to say about the company:

“Just a piece of advice. I used my personal cell number as the company number and I still regret it a decade later (I get so many stupid calls). Don’t do what I did. I wish I had a service like this 10 years ago!”

Business owners or professionals can also have multiple phone numbers set up per business. OpenPhone allows you to choose from local and toll free numbers from the largest database in the US and Canada.

I used to do website freelancing and found it so odd when clients or potential clients would try to reach me via text or even FaceTime after I gave them my cell number. I find this particularly useful for those who aren’t in a position to setup a landline. Freelancers are common victims of this problem.

The ability to setup a dedicated phone number for barely any cost is a fantastic option for a lot of people. Aside from setting up a landline, those who wish to keep their personal contact info. separate would likely have to buy another cellphone.

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