Postscript lets you legally send text messages to your customers

Postscript has created a way for Shopify website owners to text their customers for marketing campaigns. They’re calling it “Mailchimp for texting.”

You start by installing the Postscript software on your Shopify site. After it’s installed, you can create campaigns and automated drips for things like welcoming new customers, abandoned carts, and shipping notifications. The best part is it’s all compliant, making it easier for you to focus on what matters — your product.

You can also correspond with users directly within the Postscript platform. This lets your customers respond to marketing texts from their phone, which helps you increase sales. Postscript then lets you analyze your campaign performance on a per-message or an overall basis.

Postscript claims to guarantee a 4X ROI with their platform. Luxor Linens is a case study included on their website which saw a 45X ROI and over $7 of revenue per text message. The Giving Keys used Postscript and saw a 13X ROI with about $0.67 of revenue per text message.

If customers get annoyed with your campaigns, they can unsubscribe via text message by simply responding to the text.

I like the idea of Postscript and it’s hard to argue with results. My only concern is that Shopify owners could get annoying with campaigns. To be honest, if Postscript didn’t allow a quick ‘STOP’ response to unsubscribe, I don’t think this platform would work.

We’ve started to hold our privacy to a higher standard than before after we saw how social networks like Facebook were handling our data behind closed doors. Text is one of the only places where you can have a truly private conversation and not worry about it ending up in the wrong place. If companies start to use text as another channel to market their products, it could get messy really quickly.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t opt-in to receive texts from some of my favorite companies, but I’d have to be pretty loyal to the brand. If you’re a Shopify owner, Postscript might be something worth checking into.

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