Now you can know when grammy falls down

Totemic was started by Kiran Joshi, Brad Eckert, and Neal Khosla in hopes of helping the elderly receive assistance when they’re alone and they fall down.

The company has developed a device that, when placed in the middle of a home or apartment, can detect movement and send help when someone falls down. The device doesn’t require a wearable which is a new feature of this particular market.

Devices like Life Alert require you to wear a bulky necklace and physically press and call for assistance when you need it. Totemic’s device does all of the work for you and covers 2,000 square feet of living space.

As far as electrical signals or radio waves, the device’s signal is significantly less powerful than your Wi-Fi or cell phone, so there’s not much cause for concern there. If you’re wondering, there aren’t any cameras involved either. You or your grandparent(s) can maintain their privacy and feel safe in their own home.

The device detects “small activity patterns” and determines when a Care Agent or an assigned loved one needs to be called. According to Totemic’s website, the user can call for help on their own if they’d like or request to chat for fun.

The Elder Care market is worth around $740 billion and ripe for disruption. Companies like Papa and Rendever are taking a piece of their pie but there is still plenty of room for innovation in this space. Totemic is one of the more advanced initiatives I’ve seen in this space and I’m looking forward to hearing more about their progress.

You can currently sign up for Totemic’s waitlist here to secure your device when it’s released.

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